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Maple Grove Roofing Co exists to provide the best services for roofing Maple Grove MN. We know that everyone has some unique demands, and the service won’t be the same for everyone. So, we do offer customized services too. If you have some worst experiences and don’t know where to go further, be happy that you are now on our website. All our roofing services are to please each of our customers. Regardless of your demand, we can reach to you to give the top-notch deal within a short time.

We are a giant team of professionals and experts who are working in the roofing industry for years. They all know how to make everything perfect without damaging anything. Whether it is a new roof or just fixing the old roof, we stand beside you. We know how valuable your money is, so we have arranged our services in different categories. You can pick the best one from there to fulfill the requirements.

Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN

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Services We Offer

Roofing Contractors Maple Grove MN

We currently have different types of services at Maple Grove Roofing Co. We have categorized them so that anyone can choose the right one according to the need.

New Roofs

Residential and Commercial

The most important part of a building is its roof. It can’t be an ordinary thing with random materials. Instead, the work should be done with the right materials by the professionals. Considering this, we have a dedicated new roof installation service for the building owners. We are different from the typical roofing services. If you are looking for creative roofer in Maple Grove, at Maple Grove Roofing Co we believe that the roof could have a creative look. It is not like just using the same old fashioned materials and installing the roof. Rather, to have future protection, it needs the accurate positioning, proper angle, and the right amount of materials.

Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN
Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN

To make our services exclusive, we consider every single fact to give satisfaction to our clients. In our team, we have roofing contractors Maple Grove MN who are certified and know how to deal with critical projects. You may have seen different roofs with gables. But that is not the only option. There are tons of new designs you can apply for a new building. No matter if you are a bit confused and don’t know which one would suit your purpose. You can always reach us for a query, and our expert team will do an inspection and recommend the right service.

Whether it is a small residential or a bungalow or even big, our team can handle that. We will provide all the exclusive design offers that you can easily choose one. Our service is not limited only to residential roofing. We also provide effective solutions for commercial buildings. Regardless of the size of the property, Maple Grove roofer can handle the project with efficiency.

We can provide all kinds of roofing including tiles, wood, cement, clay, metal, and more. The decision is yours, what you do prefer.

Roof Repair Maple Grove MN

Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN

Roof Repairs

Looking for Maple Grove roofer services to repair the old roof of a building? No problem! We have got the best repairing service for roofing. No matter what kind of roofing are you using now, we can repair a small or large portion of it. Sometimes the damage to the roof is not a big issue. It may need a few small fixes. Our expert team can easily identify what steps are needed to be taken and suggest the solution according to the problem.

So, how to know if the roof requires some repairing works? Most people understand that the roof needs some repairing work when it starts leaking. There are several reasons for leaking from the roof and we are ready to provide an effective solution for all kinds. It may start with a small portion and if no steps are taken, it starts damaging the whole thing. As a result, it even may need to be replaced. So, we highly recommend taking the repairing service as soon as possible.

Wondering what kind of roof could we fix or repair? Well, currently we are providing this service for all kinds of roofing including wooden, cement, metal, clay, and more. From small leakage to serious damage, we can handle it and fix it. Our team has a proven track record of fixing big issues on the roof. Whether it is a residential building or a commercial complex, contact us for the best service. After a quick inspection, we can suggest what to do and how much it will cost. Already the problem is detected? Then contact us to repair it.

Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN

The Cost of Roof Repairs

How much does it cost? This is the first question a client often asks when inquiring about our roof repair services. However, this question is difficult not unless our team assesses the roof first. The total cost of your roof repair will depend on several factors that include:

  • The current state of your roofing
  • The age of your roof
  • The type of your roof 
  • The extent of the damage

As some of the best roofing  and siding contractors Maple Grove MN, we recommend contacting us for a free roofing estimate to understand the costs involved. One of our roofing pros will arrive at your home and conduct a thorough inspection to identify your roof issues before providing a fair estimate.

Do you need roof repair Maple Grove MN? Checking the signs above can help you determine if you need a roof repair. Feel free to contact us or call for a free quote or just reach us to ask any questions you may have about your roof. We’ll be happy to help.

Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN

No matter what happened in your case, our emergency roof service might help. Just inform us about the condition as soon as you notice the damage. A quick response team will reach your address and will provide the services. A fast inspection will be done and solve the problem within a short time.

Emergency Roof Service

We know you do care about your home and don’t want to live in a damaged roofing building. But sometimes it could be an emergency to fix some issues. It mostly happens when someone doesn’t notice that there are some damages on the roof and all of a sudden water starts leaking through the roof. In such cases, ask for emergency roofing services, which will be done by roofing contractors Maple Grove MN.

Besides slow damage on the roof, there are some cases when you can ask for emergency services like –

  • A big tree, branch, or something else has fallen on the roof and it is too heavy that the roof is damaged in a large portion. As a result, the roof could partially damage and you may feel scared.
  • Suddenly a fire incident happened in your house and it damaged the roof. In such cases, a big portion of the roof could fall off or get broken in some parts.
  • A heavy storm hit the area and it has damaged the roof of your home or the commercial building. Storms like a hurricane could seriously damage the roof that it becomes impossible to live at home without repairing.
  • There was a small damage on the roof, and now it starts getting bigger and needs emergency repairing works.

Gutter Cleaning and Installation

To protect the roof of any construction, it is mandatory to have a proper gutter repair Maple Grove MN system. It will help to pass out the rainwater easily from the roof to protect it and ensure a longer life. But sometimes you may find rainwater is not coming out from the roof, instead, the roof seems wet from inside. It is an alarming issue and needs quick fixes. Especially in the rainy season, if water starts getting stored in the gutter, it could damage the sides of the roof. So, it needs the proper maintenance and cleaning works.

If any of the above things are happening right now and looking for gutter repair Maple Grove MN, we are here for you. Maple Grove Roofing Co is one of the best gutter companies in Maple Grove MN that could help to keep the roof protected from unwanted damages. The service is suitable for all seasons. You don’t need to identify the gutter is jammed and it needs cleaning. Instead, reach to us whenever you want for service. Because when it is dry, cleaning work would be more efficient for future protection.

Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN
Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN

In the gutter cleaning service, we start from the first corner and finish at the last corner. Not a single inch would be jammed and clogged with debris, leaves, or anything else. Our professionals have all the essentials to do a quick cleaning job.

On the other hand, if there is no gutter installed on the roof or the old one is damaged, we can install a new one within a short time. Depending on the customer’s need, we can install different types of gutter on the roof – half-round, k shaped, custom-built gutters, and more. For an old one, we would remove the gutter system and install a new one according to the building’s style.

Siding Repair and Installation

Siding in the roof can change the entire look of a home. Not only for the look, but it also protects the inner side of the roof from damage. So, the roof could get longer life. But over years, the siding could start getting damaged and needs some repairing works.

Don’t know where to get the best home siding companies Maple Grove? Well, you are already on the right page. Maple Grove Roofing Co has the best roofer in Maple Grove in providing the siding Maple Grove MN repair and installation service for years by the professional craftsman. We will run a detailed inspection of the whole property to find out what are the issues and will start repairing them. Whether it is partial damage or large damage, our professionals can deal with it. The team can easily fix missing panels, cracks, siding leaks, damaged fascia, and more issues.

Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN
Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN

If your home doesn’t have a siding and you are thinking of installing a new one, we could install the whole siding. We have the siding contractors Maple Grove MN to handle any kind of project. The team has a creative mind to install new designs to give it the look that you desire. It could be an antique look, modern design, classic design, etc.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Roofing

To choose the right roofing style and materials, you should consider some essential facts. Here are things need to be considered –

The architecture of the Home
The first important thing you need to think about is the architectural design of the building. For instance, residential and commercial buildings won’t have the same style of the structure. Even for each type of building, there are different ways to go. So, before you finalize a particular type of roofing or roofing material, be aware of the structure.

It is needless to say that you should keep a good budget for a new roof installation. Even for the repairing works, consider a good budget to use the best services. This will actually save your money in the future by providing better service for a long time.

If it is a commercial building, installing a durable roof is mandatory. You can’t just pick the random one which may last only a few years. Always consider long-lasting roofing to be protected for a longer time.

Building Code
When a builder designs a building, he/she maintains some particular codes. The roofing should maintain that building code as well. For example, if you are thinking of installing a metal roof but the building is too old, it could be tough to install.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay a roofer?
There is no fixed budget for roofing or salary for the roofers. Depending on the type of works, it will vary. But on average, the hourly rate could be between $30 to $75. However, at Maple Grove Roofing Co. you can always ask for the detailed service charge to get the idea.

Which roofing material is the cheapest?
One can use different types of materials for the roofing. But if you consider the cheapest, Asphalt Shingles is the one. However, the life of the roof won’t be so long with cheap materials.

What to do if I am unable to pay a roofer?
We offer affordable pricing for different roofing services at Maple Grove MN. So, it won’t cost you a lot. Besides, you can contact insurance to get coverage for the roof replacement.

What are the common roofing materials?
The most common materials that roofers often use are asphalt, metal, cement, clay, slate, wood, plastic and glass, and more. Sometimes it is related to the type of building and the overall structure of the building.

Tips to getting Extended Life for the Roof

  • Keep the gutter always clean and smooth to pass rainwater
  • Trim the trees surrounding the building to prevent unwanted damages
  • Take the repairing service only from certified service providers
  • Ensure good insulation in the attic to prevent freezing water on the roof
  • Do a quick inspection if a storm hits the area


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Maple Grove Roofing Co was prompt and they left the exterior of my home cleaner than they found it. They were respectful of my home and delivered on their promise of quality! Very pleased.
Sandra M.
I thought it was going to be a hassle getting our roof redone. But I was pleasantly surprised with the process. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good roofer.
James F.
A company that delivers on time and on budget seems like it's a lot to ask for nowadays, but not these guys... their standard is much higher than any other roofing company in Maple Grove MN.
Renae C.

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Roofing, Installation, and Repair | # 1 Roofing Solution In Maple Grove, MN

As a home or business owner, you can rely on Maple Grove Roofing Co to sort all your roofing and siding Maple Grove MN needs. If you haven’t performed regular maintenance on your roof for a while, there’s a high likelihood that your roof may require inspection, fixing or total replacement. Considering the climate can be uncertain at times, it means you may need to repair or replace your roof after a hailstorm or harsh weather. That’s where roofer Maple Grove company comes in! 

We are a proven provider of residential and commercial roofing services in Maple Grove. As one of the premier roofing and home siding companies Maple Grove MN, we have repaired, installed, and reroofed roofs of all sizes and shapes for over ten years now. As such, we believe we are well experienced and have the resources to handle your project.

Whether you need a new roof replacement, repair , installation or re-roofing, rely on our courteous, responsive roofing and siding contractors Maple Grove MN experts to solve your roofing problems.  Contact us or call to schedule a meeting with one of our roofing experts today. We look forward to meeting and satisfying all your roofing problems.